Volunteering for the projects

International volunteers help our local staff, providing cultural exchange and life skills to children, youth and adults. Volunteers also help build self-worth and confidence in our communities. Volunteers bringing new ideas can be very effective and appreciated here. And you meet like-minded people from around the world who are volunteering. We are registered with Volunteers 4 Africa.

If you are interested in volunteering, look at the information below on Practicalities and Volunteer free time opportunities. If you want to find out more, email our director, Salim Hassan . You can also contact him on What’s App (email him to send you his number).

Tell him as much as you can about the following: when you are available and for how long, what skills and interests you have, and why you are interested in our project. He will also need to know how old you are and what languages you speak. (Tanzanians speak Swahili and the children are taught in Swahili. Many adults speak English but at different levels of skill.)


Volunteer free time opportunities

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Volunteers are at work building the support centre several years ago.
Volunteers at work
Volunteers get to know a local mother and her child.
Cultural exchange…