Our Support Centre

The Support Centre (originally called Circle and Children Centre) consists of three classrooms, an office, toilets and a play area, with the whole area surrounded by a high enclosing wall which volunteers helped to build. The end of the building next to the play area has been decorated with a larger-than-life mural depicting and naming common animals. The internal walls have bright flowers painted around them, and the gate to the complex is covered with an illustrated alphabet. There are plans for a kitchen to be built above the toilets when money for the materials can be found. The office and the classrooms also need some shelving or cupboards for storing materials.

classroom of children
Morning class

In the mornings from 8 to 12, the three classrooms are used for three pre-primary groups, one for children ages 2 – 3; one for ages 3 ½ – 4; and one for ages 5 – 7. Staff for these classes are local teachers who are paid. The classes help children with language, both Swahili and English, and arithmetic, appropriate to their age. Volunteers support the paid teachers by doing some of the teaching and by playing with the children, giving them one-to-one attention and helping them with practical tasks. Volunteers often bring in useful new ideas for other ways to do things.

afternoon adult class
Afternoon class

In the afternoon, the centre becomes a college for young people 13 to 26 years old, holding classes in a variety of subjects and especially languages, such as Spanish and English. Volunteers generally teach these classes, get to know the students and offer informal advice and support. The adult students may become volunteers themselves, helping children in the mornings or with other tasks.

3 adult students
More of the afternoon class